SAE PC Rating Explained

S.A.E. PC Rating Explained

PC Rating Explained, Traditional Marker lights require the use of 2 lights. PC-Rated lights combine both (1 each) clearance and marker lights into 1 PC-Rated light.

So..... The question we get asked is.

What is a PC rated light and where or when do I need to use one? 

Lets start with what a standard Clearance and Marker light is and does. A traditional Clearance light mounted on a trailer is required to produce a 45° angle of light both left and right of center. Likewise a traditional Side-marker light is also required to produce a 45° angle of light to the left and right of center.  Both Side Marker and Clearance lamps mounted on opposite edges of the corner provide a full 180° output of visible lighting.

The PC rated Light is designed to combine the Clearance and Side-marker functions into one light. The special lens design will produce a 90° angle of light both left and right of center for the required 180° output of visible light.

This means that the PC rated light MUST be mounted at a 45°angle to the square sides of the trailer or vehicle. And sometimes it is not feasible or possible to modify applications that were designed for the standard Clearance / Side-marker light setups. However Manufacturers have come up with some fairly nice looking brackets that might allow you to mount a single PC light as a replacement for the two standard lights.

Remember... Even if your application does not Require you to use a PC rated light. You CAN replace a standard light with a PC rated light. You will benefit from the fact that the effective light output will be a full 180° from the mounting plane. As compared to the 90° output from a standard Non-PC rated light.

Petersons PC rated Lighting Options available from Buy PM Lights  This PC-Rated symbol appears throughout the Buy PM Lights catalog to designate lights that meet the PC rating requirements